Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 1991

For breakfast I drink about four cups of coffee eat a very small serving of scrambled eggs with ham. No wonder my hunger returns almost instantly. While Eddie is napping, JoAnna and Andy walk to Neshotah Park. After the little guy wakes up and is changed,we meet the other half of the family there. JoAnna leaves with Eddie almost immediately, but Andy still wants to play.

After afternoon naps -- and while Mom is golfing -- the boys and I return to the park. I practically have to plead with Andy to go to the beach. He's having too much fun on all the playground equipment. We do get to frolic in the water for a little bit. It's too cold, even for toes, so Eddie and I go sit on the blanket. Andy either slips or decides to dive in. The water is a shock to his little body. He walks to me, crying. At one point, he wails, "I want my mama".

When we return to Grandma and Grandpa's, everyone's outside playing cards. Western poker. I soon join in and except for a break for supper -- which I don't eat much of since JoAnna undercooked the chicken and ribs -- that's what I do until 4 a.m. At one point, I'm up as much as $100, but I probably end up less than $20 in the black.

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