Friday, August 28, 2009

Manny Parra, you beast you

Praise the Lord....and Pass the LSD

(Apologies for the sacrilege, but the opportunity for this word play was just too overpowering to resist.)

Sainte-Cécile Church is located in the tiny Lameque Island community of Petite-Rivière-de-l'Île in northeastern New Brunswick. The church was built in 1813 and is renowned for its colorful interior decor, which is the purpose of this post. It is also the site of the Lameque International Baroque Music Festival every July.

After admiring the church's plain but stately exterior, the interior decor takes some getting used to.

The only guidebook we could find to the attractions of Lameque Island was written in French, so I'm unclear as to the reasons for this barrage of color.

But the theme extends everywhere: ceiling, walls, doors, stairwells. Fortunately, the pews are painted a soothing white.

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be. Before or after the rainbow effect? Mary remains silent on the subject.

Even the glass candleholders.

A view from the balcony.

Acadian flags were on display throughout northeastern New Brunswick as the area hosted the 2009 Congres Mondial Acadien.

The stairwell leading from the main floor to the balcony.

One final look.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tim Horton's Rules

Checking a listing of restaurants for Fredericton, New Brunswick, I counted 9 Tim Horton's and 8 McDonald's. Canadians love their donuts!

JoAnna and I stopped at this location this morning before a walk along the St. John's River waterfront.

Paul's choices: sour cream glazed and blueberry glazed.

JoAnna's choice: chocolate glazed.

With coffee, of course.

Lobster: It's What's for Lunch

Greetings from Falmouth Maine!

At the Falmouth Sea Grill, Falmouth, Maine.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Roll

Lobster salad

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's bike ride.....

....looks like a dragonhead Pez dispenser? That was my first impression, anyway -- and not one that I'm inclined to stick with.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Madison: An Unexpected View

After a frustrating few hours recording only one-third of the lecture for session 3 of the online Public Library course I'm teaching this fall -- too much material, I determined -- I needed to clear my head. JoAnna had left a letter on the kitchen counter, and I used it as an excuse to bike to the west side Madison post office. From there I followed a circuitous route to Hoyt Park, the same one I had followed last week, to take these pictures. (This time I remembered to replace the disk after uploading pictures onto my computer.)

Based on the engraved dedication, we are apparently just a few months from the 100th anniversary of Owen Parkway. But according to Historic Madison Inc., this roadway was one of the first of a series of scenic drives in and around Madison developed and maintained by the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association starting in 1892.

Trompe L'oeil. A rural overlook? It just appears this way from the angle.

Turn to your right and you'll the the "white building", as Andy used to refer to it during our drives from Kid's Play to Middleton in the late 1980s/early 1990s. (Check page 115 of Stu's book for a view from 1907.)

In the 23 years that I've lived in the Madison area, I didn't realize this wonderfully serene place existed. I'd read about it*, but just couldn't imagine where exactly on the near-west side of Madison it was located. It's so tucked away.

*"Turning Point: The Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association", pp. 114-117 of Madison: The Illustrated Sesquicentennial History, Volume 1, 1856-1931, by Stuart D. Levitan. (Stu, an index would have been great. I would have been happy to help!)

What you see pictured below is obviously not a bike path. Maybe it's a trail to the Hoyt Park shelter and parking lot?

The downward view from the overlook, however, leaves much to be desired.

In the tree-tunneled distance, you see the Hill Farms State Transportation Building and the Ghost Condo.

One more look and I'm gone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The 40s on 4: In Heavy Rotation

Not among the top 40 songs of 1945, but it would certainly be on my list of personal favorites.

From the year that my parents were married. Here.

Source of my daily listening pleasure. (When I'm not listening to Luxuria Internet radio. Retirement does strange things to my tastes in music.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Rivers: The Four-Square Fish Dinner

Scenes from the 2009 Richard Family reunion

The Vets Club in Two Rivers (Wisconsin) is located on the east side of town, just across the street from Walsh Field, where the Polar Bears play baseball. (In keeping with Two Rivers' "Cool City" theme.)

The furnishings of the first floor dining room are strictly utilitarian, as are those of the basement dining room.

The Vets Club is renown for it lake perch, which I obviously didn't order during our most recent visit. I thought I'd try the haddock -- remembering those tasty, melt-in-your-mouth filets served piping hot at Mr. Elmer's Supper Club in Oshkosh. (My nomination for the best fish fry ever.) When the waitress set the plate in front of me --photo below taken after I'd eaten two pieces -- I experienced an unsettling sense of deja vu. These look just like the potato pancakes I was served at Rolling Meadows. Not good! Fortunately, these fish patties taste much better than they look.

No, it's not a urine sample; it's Bud Light. (Close enough!)

Bud and Brian join us while Eddie dreams of winning the bocce ball tournament at the Richard family reunion the following day.

Group picture. Eddie's head obscures his Grandpa Richard. (But don't blame him; blame the photographer.)

Eddie loves to ponder things. Looks like a smelt this time. JoAnna and her mom appear very interested in the outcome .

Eddie must have made the right decision, though Grandma looks unsure.

Cindy describes in hilrious detail her March 2009 fishy-fish experience at the Vets Club. She ordered the blue gill. (Which begs the question: what does porky-pork taste like?) Sam and Jo listen attentively.

The Vets Club Wall of Fame. (Past Commanders)

The darkly handsome Joseph Richard, JoAnna's and Cindy's grandfather.