Monday, April 30, 2012

The 1963 Thunderbird: How to get away from them all

April 30, 1991

I meet with Sam Greco at 8:30.  He is Don Goodrich's replacement on the council, and it appears that he's a free thinker, i.e., not another mouthpiece for Don Damon.  We talk for an hour.  I find him to be very open and level-headed.  I take the afternoon off, spending most of my time taping tunes from 1969.  I guess I won't be satisfied until I tape every song in existence.  I already feel the urge to explore the 70s, to listen with a new ear, to rediscover forgotten gems.  The evening is busy.  I'm never seen so many people in the library when nothing special is happening.

Which one of these headlines would you click on first?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aerial View of Chicago's Lincoln Park (Postcard Series)

A Thunderbird is a Promise......A Short Story

April 29, 1991

My new organizational approach to work is working well.  By the end of the day, I had erased everything on my list.  I leave the library at quarter of 3 to pick up Eddie at home and take him to the doctor.  Time for his 4 month physical.  We have a long wait before Dr. Ellis can see us and, after being an angel for longer than I could have hoped for, he starts to fuss.  Before I have much of a chance to comfort him, he falls asleep.  He's alert and pleasant for Dr. Ellis and cries only briefly after his shots.  We pick up Andy at daycare.  Mom's in Milwaukee for a fundraiser.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aerial View of the San Francisco Bay Area (Postcard Series)

Extra Dividends at no extra cost in the '54 Ford

April 28, 1991

The day didn't start off on a good foot.  While cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I have an accident with the scrap paper garbage container, lose my cool, storm into the bedroom, confront JoAnna and demand to know when the garbage is going to be taken away.  For much of the day after that, JoAnna does a Cindy Broderick imitation.  We take a family trip to the car wash to give the Nissan a long overdue vacuuming.  The Bruce Company is closed, so I make that trip later, on my own.  On the way, I stop at the library to look for 1969 tunes to tape.  My latest project is a chronological review of all the songs that cracked the top 20.

I spend the afternoon putting in the vegetable garden:  lettuce, spinach, and peas.  Is there a farmer in me?  The answer should be apparent in a few weeks.  JoAnna has a fundraiser to attend during the late afternoon.  While she's gone, Play baseball with Andy and fire up the gas grill.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bottoms Up!

Cadillac, the Masterful Approach to the Spiritual Seventies (1970)

April 27, 1991

I'm up at 5 to tend to a hungry Eddie guy.  Food is not enough, though.  He wants to play.  I go back to bed and doze off and on until 8:30.  By this time, Andy's been in bed with us for a half hour.  The two of us go grocery shopping.  The weather is not conducive to yard work, so we drive to the Shoe Box in Black Earth. I find two pairs of shoes.  JoAnna's loose with the purse strings today.  By late afternoon, the weather has turned beautiful.  Andy and I play baseball. He's getting to be a good hitter.  We watch the Brewers beat the Orioles on TV before going to bed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1957 Pink Cadillac Harry Winston Jewels Magazine Advertisement

"Just look at those lovely lines."

April 26, 1991

What is planned to be a half day extends into the latter half of the afternoon.  I rethink my workload organization system and decide to use a simply manila folder with papers and other documents arranged in priority order.  My reason for staying longer than planned is to give myself time to write up a cover memo to accompany the Automation Task Force membership agreement.  Before running some errands, I drop these off at the SCLS office.  Then I cash my check, buy a copy of Billboard and Variety and the Village Voice at Pic-a Book, take care of my underwear needs at Penney's, and stock up on beer at Apollo.  The evening is uneventful, except for Barb's occasional incursions into our bedroom.  When the weekend comes, I would just like her to blend in with the furniture.  What a mean brother.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 1991

Deciding against the need for a long workday, I stay home during the  morning and play with Eddie.  During the afternoon I complete the final draft of the materials and services inventory.  After picking up Andy at daycare, I work for Sharon and put the finishing touches on the bibliography for next week's workshop.  JoAnna's attending a semi-formal affair in Milwaukee so I have the late evening to myself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1955 Cadillac (Gowns by Lanvin-Castillo)

April 24, 1991

Another all-day self-imposed desk assignment.  If I'm not station out there, I get routinely interrupted and pulled of my office.  One disadvantage to being in the fishbowl.  My first discovery of the day is that the annotated bibliography I began for next week's workshop is missing.  I check the file of each of my disks many times.  So much for an ambitious effort, I decide.  Simple citations will have to do.  I take a late lunch and spend part II of my workday attempting to complete the profile section of the long-range plan.  Not quite an accomplishment.

It's a beautiful day but all I see of it out doors occurs during my walks to and from the library.

After picking up Andy -- Eddie comes along for the ride -- I begin preparations for a spaghetti dinner.  My sauce is outstanding.  All JoAnna adds is some basil.  (I'll remember that ingredient next time.)  We eat in the TV room watching Barb's video of The Philadelphia Story.  While cleaning the dishes and tidying up the kitchen, I begin a tape of 80s faves.

Monday, April 23, 2012

1950 Cadillac: New Goal for Twenty Million Motorists!

Cadillac Country Club

April 23, 1991

Not once did I ever get an early start to my ETN Tuesday.  My original plan was to get up early and spend at least an hour or so reviewing my notes at a State Street coffeehouse.  I never gave myself more than a half hour.  And, for the most part, it seemed to make little difference in the quality of my presentations.  One aspect of the course that needs close scrutiny between now and 1993:  the discussion questions.

After class, I take Eddie to see Dr. Ellis.  No ear infection this time, despite the river of green slime running out of his nose.

Tuesday evening as as busy as I've ever seen the library.  With a gaggle of giggly teenage girls most prominent.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22, 1991

I can still start the week with a high level of enthusiasm.  Maybe this is the main reason why I haven't updated my resume.

I begin the day in my usual fashion, composing a column for the Times-Tribune.  I use some of the information I gathered for the library profile.  With Liz taking the afternoon off, I spend most of the day at the info desk.  I don't give any attention to my ETN notes since I am starting to worry about how well my workshop next week at Merrill is going to come together.  I pick up Andy at daycare.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 1991

I'm up at 7, and so are Andy and Eddie.  JoAnna wants us to watch cartoons in the TV room, but the men want to stay put.  Andy and I spend must of the afternoon in the back yard.  He helps me turn over the soil in two of our garden plots and then we play baseball.  I hit a foul over the fence, and he hits one on the roof.  He connects solidly a number of other times, too.  I think back to how much I would have enjoyed this activity when I was Andy's age.  I didn't know a thing about baseball until I was 8. Hey, I don't think I even knew the sport existed before that.  By the late afternoon, I am so annoyed by Barb's parading in and out of our room.  I feel so unproductive and helpless to change the circumstances.


Friday, April 20, 2012

"Then and Now" Aerial Views of West Palm Beach Marina (Postcard Series)

It's a "Cadillac Among Cadillacs" (1950)

History of the 1950 Cadillac.

April 20, 1991

We take Barb out for breakfast at Perkins.  Andy's a handful, probably because he's helped himself to a few cookies before we left.  I order the breakfast burrito, forgetting how the first taste of this entree makes my taste buds inoperative.  What is worse than not being able to taste my coffee?  On the way to Cub Foods, we stop at home so I can relieve myself.  The afternoon is lowkey.  The weather is perfect for yard work, but I don't get anything accomplished.  I need to be Daddy.

JoAnna and I spend the evening at Broydrick's new house, a very impressive edifice.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1963 Buick Elektra 225 Ad Targets Mad Men? (Magazine advertisement with YouTube car porn)

April 19, 1991

Just before I reach for the entrance to the library, Sheila rolls down the window on the passenger's side of her car and announces, "There's a message from Larry Martin in your mail slot."  Oh, good, I think, I have don't have to go the Capitol.  I can concentrate on preparing for my workshop instead.  Wrong answer.  We've just been bumped back a half hour.  Then a barrage of questions keeps me focused on reference duties for most of the morning.  How much would $25,000 (before the Crash) be worth today?  I spend at least a half hour searching through every possible source, to no avail.  I meet Larry Martin and Kathy Schneider at the White Horse Inn for lunch.  We discuss the strategy for our meeting with Chuck Chvala, who is surprisingly quick in his agreement.  It's 3:30 by the time we finish so I pick up Andy at daycare and drive him home.  I spend an hour or so at the library before heading home, stopping at Walgreen's to buy stuff for Barb's birthday.  JoAnna returns at 7:30, but it's another hour before we eat.  I fix a salad and microwaved lasagna.  .

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1940s Aerial View of The Palm Beaches (Postcard Series)

1953 Buick Roadmaster: Make way for power with a new thrill!

April 18, 1991

I'm not quite frantic -- not yet anyway -- but I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to have the time to prepare a bibliography for the workshop I'm giving in another two weeks.  An informal Area Leaders meeting takes up more time than I expect, i.e., had planned for.  I grab a quick (late) lunch at Burger King.  The BK Broiler is a fairly decent sandwich.

With JoAnna away, Andy and Eddie keep me busy all evening.  Both stay up past 11.  I put Eddie down in his crib three times.  Each time I leave to return within five minutes to soothe him.  I finally settle him down in the rocking chair.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth......zzzzzz.  Finally.  Andy's watching Looney Tune on Nick at Nite when I return to bed.  I allow him to sleep with me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oldsmobile: Escape from the Ordinary (1970)

Close enough.

April 17, 1991

I approach today with some trepidation, but the outcome of the Automation Task Force meeting demonstrates that my fears have been unfounded.  The group is ready to move ahead and begin planning in earnest.  I take a couple of hours off during the afternoon and use the time productively.  I review ETN homework assignments.  On the way home from daycare, Andy asks if we can go to the park. He's disappointed when I tell him I have to go back to the library.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Central Avenue, St. Petersburg Florida, Between the Wars (Postcard Series)

1960 Pontiac: No other wagon turns heads (or corners) like the Wide-Track Safari

Vintage stations wagons.

Special cars:  Pontiac Bonneville Safari (1960)

April 16, 1991

Session #11 goes very well, though once again I attempt to cover more territory than I have time for.  After class I pick up my homework assignments, find CD versions of Looking In and Raw Sienna at the B Side on State Street (in the "oldies" section, of all places), stop at the Madison Public Library to investigate sources of detailed CPI information, wander around the Capitol Square area until I find the office of the Center for Public Representation, then stroll back down State Street to the ramp. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three's a romance when one is a Pontiac (1960)


April 15, 1991

I drive Andy to daycare and pick him up.  JoAnna's in Milwaukee for an early meeting with Bill and the Brewers home opener.  I furiously work to get my ETN notes in shape for tomorrow.  Once we get home, I feed Andy and play with Eddie.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14, 1991

Another lousy day.  We don't even venture outside.  Being cooped up like this makes me realize how intrusive Barb's presence can be.  She doesn't seem to understand that sometimes she can't be part of the family unit.  I continue to tape 60s rock and roll and organize my desk area and feel stupid about how I brushed JoAnna off last night. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Canal Street, New Orleans, Between the Wars (Postcard Series)



Saenger Theatre restoration financing is in place, New Orleans officials say.. (New Orleans Times Picayune, 12/29/2011)

1955 Pontiac: Matchless Distinction...Fabulous Performance!

1955-1957 Pontiac Strato-Streak

1955 Pontiac colors

April 13, 1991

We get to sleep in, or at least to lounge in bed until 8:30.  It's a day of interiors.  Outside it's either raining or just plain blustery and cold.  What a difference from a week ago.  JoAnna's gone for most of the day, at the hairdresser's for the first half of the afternoon and then in Milwaukee that evening for the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.  I spend most of my day taping 60s tunes and attempting to organize my desk area.  I hardly spend anytime with Barb, keeping myself and Eddie in the bedroom suite.  I allow Eddie to go to bed with me.  We watch Green Acres and Baseball Tonight.  He's especially affectionate tonight. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 1970 Chevrolet Caprice: With a hood bigger than most dance floors

April 12, 1991

JoAnna has an 8 am job interview, so I volunteer to take Andy to daycare.  Shortly after we open, I give a tour of the reference area to a group of high school students, all girls.  I take an hour off in the afternoon to run some errands.  I expect to find CDs of Raw Sienna and Looking In at Rose Records but can't even find the Savoy Brown section.  Bummer!  After work I have time for a martini before we go out.  We eat supper at the West Towne Mall food court, then Andy and I go to Cub Foods and JoAnna and Eddie shop for dresses.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11, 1991

I drive Andy to daycare.  We are a little short-staffed at the library due to a meeting and an illness.  Most of my time is spent at the reference desk, preparing a new set of notes for next Tuesday's ETN.  don't have anything to revise.  JoAnna comes home for supper but has a meeting afterwards.