Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 1991

Shouldn't we wash the sheets today?" I asked JoAnna as we're about the make the bed.

"No, let's wait til tomorrow," she responds suggestively.

While she goes shopping and while she and Andy are at David's birthday party, I watch Eddie and do some more taping.  Today I concentrate on the early to mid seventies.

At 3, JoAnna and I attend the wedding of two people I barely know.  The reception is at the Holiday Inn Middleton, and we basically just make an appearance   JoAnna suggests we go out to dinner, a late celebration of my birthday actually.  We splurge and enjoy and superb meal at Peppino's, our first visit there in 5 years.

And it's a good thing we didn't change the sheets.  We experience a mutually satisfying romp.

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