Monday, December 31, 2012

Tuesday, December 31, 1991

JoAnna works, I take the day off, and until 3 o'clock I'm doing chores and keeping an eye on the boys.  Andy is especially rambunctious.  We do grocery shopping in the morning, and I take an hour's break to watch Perry Mason.  After the last of the laundry is folded, I fix myself a martini and return to the TV room.  JoAnna returns home at 3:30.

Jess watches the boys, and JoAnna and I spend New Year's Eve at Larry and Martha's with Chuck and Barb.  Martha prepares a great turkey dinner.  Afterwards, we sit around and talk and, after Chuck and Barb leave, play Trivial Pursuit.  Larry and I win both games.

JoAnna and I drive home at 2:00 on surprisingly deserted streets.

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