Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 18, 1991

Wisconsin State Journal, 12/18/1991

The alarm is set for 5:30, a half hour earlier than usual, due to the fact that I need to be in Appleton by 9.  I make it there with an hour to spare.  I'm disappointed to find the Casbah restaurant closed, so I settle for breakfast at Burger King.  College Avenue, to my horror, is a shell of its former self.  The Grand Chute mall has certainly sucked most of the life out of downtown.  

The reference workshop goes very well.  I really zip through my material with confidence.  I stay for lunch, hitting the road at 2, and take a detour through Oshkosh to press a few memory cells.  I remember how many times I saw the same views from the seat of my bicycle.  Once in Madison, I stop at the credit union to cash my honorarium check, then unload the six boxes of books at the library.  JoAnna wants KFC for dinner but I want to change and have a martini first.  I take a few sips and then stash the glass in the freezer while Andy and I make the trek to KFC.  The Middleton store has nothing ready, always a problem at this location.  I can't resist making a few disparaging remarks as we leave.  The store on Mineral Point Road is loaded with chicken.  

We have a dinner party in the family room, something we would have never done with  Barb, god forbid, still being here.  JoAnna crashes early, and once again Andy and I stay up to watch Green Acres.

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