Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wednesday, December 25, 1991

Surprisingly, Andy is not up early.  In fact, he sprints into the living room without noticing the gifts that Santa left him.  Strange thing.  Right after Thanksgiving, I would have predicted that Andy would burst with enthusiasm long before the arrival of Christmas Day.  But as the 25th approached, he became progressively more lowkey about the entire affair.

JoAnna was right.  She did go overboard buying gifts for Andy, but she did make some smart choices, like a Mickey Mouse Yahtzee game and a Parcheesi-like game for kids called Trouble.  Not to mention the Chutes and Ladders board game I bought him for his birthday but that we decided to hold onto until Christmas due to our birthday excess.

I get some nice presents:  two pairs of pants -- one light gray, one greenish with cuffs (is this something I can wear?), a sweater more gray-brown than green-brown than the one I recently bought at Lands End (guess where JoAnna bought the gift?), two pairs of gloves (one of which will go perfectly with my leather jacket, the other a great match with my red CPO-like jacket), and a bottle of Canoe cologne (which I splash on as soon as I open it.).  JoAnna loves the gifts I bought her, especially the blue blazer, the purple sweater, the scarf, and the hair accessories.  Did I miss anything?  Only to say that she has a husband with great taste!

The games that Andy received make for some great family entertainment.  The only drawback to the day is Eddie's major fussiness during the afternoon.  We figure he must have an earache, even though he doesn't pull at his ear at his ear all the time.

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