Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sunday, March 1, 1992

Photo credit:  everystockphoto

There will probably be worse days in my life to experience, but not too many I hope.  While JoAnna is doing doors and I'm sitting at the computer, the boys play with the crib mattress.  I hear a thump and then Eddie starts wailing.  It takes me 15 minutes to calm him down.  His crying resumes whenever he starts to use his right leg.  I get mad at Andy and then demand he tell me what happened.  He jumped on his little brother.  JoAnna and I decide to keep to our afternoon schedule. We attend a fundraiser at Fashion Fittings and stop at Shopko to buy a lunchbox for Andy.  My concern for Eddie leads us back home at this time. Kelly reports that he's been crying for the 15 minutes since he's been up from his nap.  I decide a visit to the Dean Clinic is in order.  The xrays are negative, but it's obvious that Eddie's right ankle is giving him some pain.  When we return home, Andy is howling.  While climbing around the kitchen, he manages to turn on one of the stove's heating elements -- and guess where he places his right hand?  Even after JoAnna's leaves to attend Russ Feingold's birthday party, Andy continues to scream in pain for an hour.  He finally lets me know that he wants someone to be with him, so Eddie (still in his high chair) and I join him in the TV room.  At bedtime, Eddie is still only crawling and Andy is still sniveling.  I sleep in the guest room.

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