Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23, 1992

When it's time to throw off the covers, I feel like a wet washrag.  As if I haven't experienced enough tension over this 2-day workshop.  I feel as though preparation time has been cut to the bone due to domestic intensities, such things as the closing of Kids Play, the search for new daycare arrangements, JoAnna's campaigning for county board.  Time I should have been revising my notes, collecting materials, and smoothing out my delivery was spent keyboarding calendar squares and more generally avoiding any last-minute review.  What's the result?  Despite a few minor stumbles as I look at my notes for a hint of where to go, I am extremely pleased with my performance.  Had I been too rehearsed, I might not have been able to add the necessary note of spontaneity to the workshop.

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