Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27, 1992

The weekend's top-grossing new movie.

Andy wants Eddie to stay home with him (and Kelly) but I don't want our babysitter to have her hands too full.  I veto the idea, and JoAnna doesn't argue in Andy's defense.

I spend a large portion of the morning with Sheila, reviewing her position description and discussing her performance evaluation.  She heartily seconds my suggestion of a halftime administrative assistant with no public service duties who would be responsible for bookkeeping, staff records, meeting room schedule, bulletin board.  Before the end of the workday, I share the idea with Liz and Chris, and they, too react enthusiastically.  All of a sudden, I have a major focus for this summer's budget preparations.

I leave the library at 4 and walk to Dunn's.

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