Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tempting Murphy's Law

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And not a happy one.

As I walked my bike out of the garage this morning, I noticed the rear tire was flat.

“What the…?!!” I said aloud with dismay.

There goes my bike ride, I thought.

And the tire wasn’t just soft. Every last bit of air had escaped.

My first thought was to load the bike into the back of the Matrix and head for the Trek store. I’d been thinking about a mid-season turn-up anyway, as I’ve easily ridden more than 1,000 miles since mid-March. And for some reason, I can’t shift into the lowest or highest series of gears. It’s become a 7-speed instead of a 21-speed. Not a problem as I generally avoid challenging terrain.

Before a repair, though, I decided to pump up the tire to see how long it would hold air. At first, the valve didn’t want to accept air, but after I adjusted a knob at the base of the pump, I didn’t encounter as much resistance.

Once the tire was firm, I conducted s short test ride around the neighborhood, after which I tested the pressure with a squeeze of two fingers.

Doesn’t seem like it lost any air, I noted.

So on I rode…for another hour, figuring that , with my luck, the tire would deflate when I reached the farthest point from which, a distance of about four miles. And, initially figuring I’d be away from the house for just a few minutes, I didn’t have my phone with me. I’d left myself wide open for a Murphy’s Law experience. Luckily, I returned home without incident, with no perceptible loss of air in the tire.

Prior to today, I last rode my bike on Saturday, which means that it sat idle for four days. Not the longest period of disuse this summer but, except for the visit to Warren, certainly close.

Whatever the case, whatever the cause, it’s a very slow leak.

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