Thursday, January 20, 2011

Then and Not Quite Now: Jefferson Elementary School, Warren, Pennsylvania

 A new school was constructed on the same site in the early 1950s.  I suspect this photo was taken in the spring of the school's final months of operation.

Print purchased in mid-1990s at Borg Studio, Warren

Since a consolidation of grade schools a few years back, the "new" Jefferson School stands empty, slowly deteriorating through neglect.  (Following 2 photos from October 2008.)

I attended school here from September 1957 until June 1962.

2nd grade:  Mrs. Duff
3rd grade:  Miss Thoreson
4th grade:  Mrs. Carlson
5th grade:  Mrs. Johnson
6th grad:  Mr. DiMino

The following photos were taken from the upstairs back porch of the Nelson family home in July 2010.  (You can see the house in the black-and-white Borg print, just to the left of the 1st floor of the old Jefferson School.)

Before the school yard was paved over, it served as the playing field for many, many wiffle ball games.


Leslie Allen-Taylor said...

I went to Jefferson School from 1962-64. I walked from Brook St. along Conewango Ave. and went home for lunch every day. I was there for K-2 grades but only remember 2 teacher names...Miss Newton and Mrs. Gaughan (sp).

Brent Scarpo said...

My mother Betty Scarpo was the secretary for many years there.