Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Grew Up in Warren PA if you remember a 1962 production of "The Queen's Pudding" at Jefferson School

Row 1.  Dave Blair, Ben Taylor, John Hornstrom, Jim Seeley.

Row 2.  Carol Mohney, Becky Barker, Pam Berkbeck, Paul Nelson, Jim Hunter, Mike Hackett, Nick Szeverenyi, Bob Morelli, Bob Feldman, Bob O'Connor, Debbie Jones, Leslie Stein, Lynn Reynolds.

Row 3 (choir robes).  Susan Smith, Georgia Smith, Mary Sandblade, Mickey Connolly, Mary Jane Nasky, Peggy Wright.

Row 4.  Nancy Niedzialek, Susan Probst, Nancy Morse, Mary Whiteshot, Sharon Nuhfer, Mary Lauffenberger, Trudy Taft, Cam Tassone, Gail Benson, Amy Dunham, Sylvia Chittester.

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Leslie said...

I was four in 1962 so I don't remember the musical, but I did grow up next door to Nancy Morse.