Saturday, June 30, 2012

Atlantic City Post Office (Postcard Series)

Atlantic City post office: Sturdy outside, barren inside. (The Press of Atlantic City, 12/12/2009)

Excerpt: The post office’s cornerstone from 1935 is a snapshot of early 20th century history. It bears the names of Henry Morgenthau Jr., the secretary of the U.S. Treasury in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, and James A. Farley, the nation’s postmaster general at that time. 

The cornerstone may reveal even more history. Tucked inside, supposedly, is a time capsule from when the post office was built. The CRDA hopes to salvage the rumored artifacts when the two-story building is razed, said Rachelle Knight, a project development officer for the agency. 

Everything else of value has already been removed, including four brass light poles that stood outside the building and two cement eagles once perched above a doorway. The CRDA wants to a find a public venue where those items can be displayed. 

Also saved was a colorful mural that dominated the post office’s Pacific Avenue entryway. Painted on canvas, the artwork whimsically depicts Atlantic City’s resort life and history. CRDA officials said the U.S. Postal Service took the mural.

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