Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30, 1991

The cooler weather arrives a day early, which inspires me to do some much needed housework.  I mop the hallway and kitchen floors, and JoAnna follows up with an uncluttering of our room and the hallway.  Then I decide it's time to clear the top of my desk.  What an improved look.  We basically laze through the afternoon.

JoAnna takes a new approach to beef stew meat and makes fajitas for supper.  We eat on the patio.  Later on Andy and I go to the park.  He actually rides his bike.  I notice that JoAnna has raised his seat.  No wonder he doesn't complain about sore knees.  Andy has so much fun playing with some of the neighborhood tykes.  We stay for two hours.

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