Thursday, January 23, 2014

On This Date in 1999 (January 23, part 1)

JoAnna just got out of the shower, where I need to go next, and the boys are watching TV. It’s another gray day in Wisconsin, and, as a result of last night’s freezing drizzle, everything outdoors is covered with a sheet of ice. I wanted to walk to Walgreen’s since we’re low on paper products, but I’m not sure I’d make there unscathed.

Andy has a late basketball game today – 4:45 starting time – and we have no particular plans, outside of little housecleaning, between now and then. I’d should write a letter to my parents, and, believe it or not, I still have three Christmas card notes to write. I should be embarrassed to send the cards, but I will anyway, since I know that the three couples who receive them will understand my procrastination. Andy’s team is playing quite well. They have a 4-1 won-lost record at this point in the season. They play 16 games altogether. The team is very well-balanced. Everyone contributes. They don’t have a ball hog; neither do they have a player who seemed to make the team because his parents were friends of the coach. Andy hasn’t scored a lot of points so far this season, but he’s an excellent rebounder. He’s probably close to the team lead in that category. 

Today was the last day of the second quarter. Report cards are distributed next Friday. We’ve had some concerns about Andy’s academic performance. He never seems to have any homework. The other day, though, he brought home a colorful half-sheet of paper that said, “Andy Nelson is one great student. Mid-year reading test – 96%!” I think he received a 90%+ on one of his other mid-year exams. That’s the kind of news we like to find in Andy’s school take-home folder. 

Eddie’s reading skills seem to be improving. We work with him every night, and the special classes at school certainly make a difference. Eddie is probably going to require close attention in this area for at least another couple years. JoAnna and I are just thankful that the school district offers this type of program. Otherwise, Eddie would be one of those kids who fall through the cracks. We enjoyed your letter and hope that everything is going well for you in Arizona. It’s nice that you have some transportation; that should help you feel less isolated. 

We send you our love.

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