Thursday, January 23, 2014

On This Date in 1999 (January 23, part 2)

Except for Andy, it’s basically a lazy afternoon. JoAnna is stretched out on the couch channel-surfing, Eddie is watching TV in the kitchen. I just completed a letter to JoAnna’s folks and thought I’d get one started to the other side of the family. Andy and Meaghan have been playing together for the past three hours. The board game Risk. Hide and seek. And now they might be over at Meaghan’s house or ice-skating at Meadows Park, for all I know, although I don’t think conditions today are ideal for skating.

Before I forget. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 54 years! I know things over the past few years have been tough for you, Mom, but I’m sure you have lots of wonderful memories of a great relationship.

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