Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4, 1992

Three days before the election, JoAnna's not sure what to do.  There's not need to make a pest of herself, but at the same time, why let up now when the self-appointed Mr. Middleton could come up with a major sleaze move.

While Kelly watches the boys, JoAnna and I attend the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Milwaukee.  She's sure it's at the Hyatt Recency, but we find no sign of Democratic life there.  The concierge is some apolitical bimbo wannabe.  It's the person to whom she is recommending restaurants that points us in the right direction.

We sit with Bill and Cindy and endure an overdose of Democratic cheerleading.  The previously advertised stars of the show, Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown, are too busy fighting over New York State's delegation to attend.  Hillary stands in for her husband and makes me wonder why she's not running for President herself.  We leave after her rousing remarks.  Supposedly Jerry's 83-year-old mom is standing in for him.

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