Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 1991

I'm up at 5.  When I stop at the library to pick up the boxes of books, I'm surprised to find all of the lights on and even more surprised to find a young black man asleep on the floor in the staff lounge.  I turn off the lights in the public area of the library and surprise the hell out of Lorenzo, who appears to be just starting his cleaning duties -- surprise, surprise, surprise -- but I don't ask the reason why.

I take the Interstate to Janesville and then drive east to Elkhorn through Delavan, a community with a real Norman Rockwell look and feel to it.  Arriving an hour early, I have plenty of time to walk around and look for place to buy a newspaper and a restaurant.  I sit with it over a cup of coffee.

The workshop goes well, but I occasionally feel lost and a little too obviously disorganized without my transparencies.  I have no screen to use.  For me, the 2 1/2 hour workshop passes quickly.  \

I have lunch with Peggy Schaffer and the director of the Elkhorn library, whose names escapes me and whose size rivals Mama Cass.   The restaurant we select is housed in an old hotel building. It's a Chinese establishment, and I find the food -- I order the broccoli with scallops -- much too salty for my taste.  Before leaving, Peggy asks me if I'd be interested in doing a workshop on children's reference this fall.  But of course!

I take an alternative -- U.S. 12 -- back to Madison.  By the time I drop off the books, I have to pick up Andy at daycare.

The board meeting goes very well.  I receive very positive responses and constructive suggestions to the draft of the long-range plan.  We meet for 2 1/2 hours.

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