Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 1991

I wake up early, before the sun rises, and am then kept awake by the neighbor's barking dog.  One of the first things I do at the library is to check the city ordinances for noise and nuisance laws and the criss-cross directory for a name at 1713 Violet Place.  Who knows what the follow-up will be from here.  During an extended lunch break, I drive to the credit union my checks (two from workshops and my regular one), drop off my motel invoice at the UW-SLIS continuing education office (finally), and see if Land's End has any jeans shorts in stock.  (They don't.)  After a busy day at the library, I pack my stuff for the weekend in the car, including four bottles of Rolling Rock for the road.  By the time I reach Fond du Lac, I have a nice buzz on.  I satisfy a growling stomach with a couple of slabs of Rocky Rococo mushroom and sausage pizza.  When I arrive at Richard's in Two Rivers, Andy seems truly happy to see me.  We play "War" and he wants me to go to bed when he does, and I do.  I'm in no mood to stay up playing cards.

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