Sunday, December 23, 2012

Monday, December 23, 1991

I count the days off.  One, two, three, four.  Yesterday marked the halfway point of my Christmas vacation.  I wonder if there is anything I can do to put on the brakes, make the minutes pass like hours?

By early afternoon, I wonder if I would have been better off working.  Except for an hour watching Perry Mason, I'm on my feet doing chores or keeping up with the boys.  Oh, and of course there is much taping of old tunes, an effort, actually, to reduce the size of my record collection.  At 3, I'm more than ready for a martini, which puts me in a fine mood for making a spaghetti dinner.  Andy has a haircut appointment with Pat at 4:30 and that's the time we arrive.  Andy is a well-behaved customer, and Eddie's a little angel sitting on my lap.  JoAnna's home when we get back.  It's another evening of TV, read.

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