Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday, December 22, 1991

I finish up my Christmas shopping, my top priority for the day.  At first, I encourage Andy to accompany me, but after he declines the invitation for the third time, I get the message and realize I'll be much more productive on a solo search.

I hit the mall first.  Looking for a sweater for JoAnna, I focus on the big stores:  Sears (a soft pink turtleneck is a possibility), Penney's (the perfect choice, a lamb's wool in purple is not available in her size), Prange's (everything is marked down drastically, but the selection -- some of it seconds, I suspect -- is paltry, and the Boston Store (na-da).  I find a great crew knit (purple) on sale at Eddie Bauer.  Next top:  the Going Places bookstore, but they don't open til one.  I have an hour to kill.  At Hilldale, I find a navy blue blazer on sale.  Sold.  Mission accomplished.  Forget the map.

During the afternoon, I continue taping tunes and JoAnna finishes her Christmas baking.  I made chicken for supper and then we all veg out.  JoAnna and I snuggle, progress to some heavy petting, and then experiences a rockets-red glare orgasm.

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