Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday, December 9, 1991

JoAnna calls to invite me out to lunch.  She drives out to Middleton to drop off her announcement for county board candidacy.  Old Town is convenient.  I half expect Don Damon to walk in.

I spend most of the afternoon getting job ads placed, an expensive task.  The final tally will easily exceed $500.

Sitting at the information desk, I start to work on a pathfinder for staff, focusing on our directory collection in reference.  Naturally, Liz is nervous about empowering other staff members.  She must feel that her power and authority are being undermined.  The impetus for this project came from Mark, who had asked if the library owned any Hawaii telephone directories.  My feeling is that circ staff should have a basic familiarity in high-demand areas of what we do and don't have.  The more I work on this information sheet, the more complicated it becomes, but I think I can use it for an alternative approach of next Wednesday's presentation in Appleton.

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