Friday, December 14, 2012

Saturday, December 14, 1991

We get a later start than planned.  I have to stop at a TYME machine to get the last of the money that Barb is owed and at PDQ for gas.  The wind is so violently cold I settle for half a tank.  Since JoAnna plans to do doors, the boys accompany Barb and me to Milwaukee.  I keep the radio on and talk to Andy while Barb soothes a fussy Eddie.  I say nothing to Barb during the entire trip.  After she boards her plane, I don't even stick around to see her take off.  I take the boys back to the van, and then Andy tells me he needs to go potty, so we walk back into the terminal.  Eddie sleeps for the entire trip back, which is why we wait to eat lunch in Madison.  We stop at the Burger King on East Washington near Hawthorne Plaza.  The Beauty and the Beast promotion must be old news, but Andy doesn't complain about the toy he gets with his kids meal, some nerdy little kid riding a "bookmobile".  Back home, the boys and I reclaim the guest bedroom, what had been Barb's closed-door, off-limits domain for the past 11 months.  I tape music while Andy plays Santa Claus with Eddie's birthday gifts.  While Eddie naps, Andy and I watch Planet of the Apes.

JoAnna is amazed at how much Jesse has grown since the last time he has babysat for us.  I am, too, actually.  The holiday party at Sheila's is most enjoyable.  JoAnna and I should host it next year.

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