Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sunday, December 15, 1991

How wonderful to wake up on a weekend morning without Barb's family-circle intrusions, her constant presence.  She spent 11 months with us and never ventured anywhere -- outside of Walgreen's and West Towne -- by herself.  Never checked out State Street, never re-explored Oshkosh.  What is wrong with her?  Why is she so inward?  Where did she obtain this fear of life?

I take the boys grocery shopping so JoAnna can take a shower and work on her fundraising letter.  The day is very lowkey.  I do some chores, tape some music, watch a little TV.  Mostly, though, I play with the boys.

Eddie starts daycare tomorrow.  I almost want to accompany JoAnna to see how he will adjust but that is making a big production of a simple step forward in life.

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