Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thursday, December 12, 1991

I drive Andy to daycare, then make an appearance at the library before attending the RFP Committee meeting at Monona.  On the drive back to Middleton, I reconsider my hunger for music tapes and wonder if a diet of books on tape would be more nourishing.

I take Eddie to the doctor -- the little guy's in great shape -- and then make another brief appearance at the library, a questionable one since I don't have to do anything.

Andy's a little bit moody on the drive home.  He gets upset when I tell him I threw away the baggy of Turtle cookies.

He's fine during our half-hour wait for a table at Red Lobster, then starts to act up again shortly after we are seated.  Eddie, too, is getting fussy as it is way past his usual dinnertime.  I'm on the verge of leaving, but then we all settle into a pleasingly calm evening together.  I still can't find that much to say to Barb.  I'm certainly not going to tell her how ecstatic I will be once she is on an airplane for home.

Andy and I attempt to reprise our previous evening of fun, but without the spontaneity, it doesn't reach the level of a very special shared time.

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