Monday, December 24, 2012

Tuesday, December 24, 1991

JoAnna puts in a few hours at the office.  I enjoy a less hectic morning with the boys, another opportunity to watch Perry Mason.  JoAnna makes tutke and a turkey breast for supper and then we open the gifts from my family.  And such nice things we receive.  A cordless phone and waffle iron for JoAnna and me, a railroad merry-go-round and pull-toy for Eddie (he loves the former), and Turtle sweats for Andy.  We don't take any videos or pictures, so I'm sure my folks will be disappointed to learn that.  Around 8, we take a drive around to look at Christmas lights.  We discover no major clusters of an overly-festive sort.  Most Madison neighborhoods appear to take a very lowkey or ho-hum approach to outside decorations.  When we arrive at Warner Park, the line of autos extends to Sherman Avenue.  With both boys asleep, I'm not in the mood for a parade.

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