Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday, December 11, 1991

JoAnna leaves for D.C. to attend a convention, but I don't have to drive her to the airport.  Liz calls in sick and my call to Sheila goes unanswered so I leave the library at 1:15, planning to return at 6 for a very much unwanted evening shift.  Sometimes I think Liz does this on purpose.  She wants to be treated like a professional, but she certainly doesn't approach her job in that fashion.  Yesterday she asked about the possibility of upgrading her position to assistant director.  I used the Sheila/Marian analogy to explain why it wouldn't work but left unsaid my concerns about her unprofessional attitude.

Andy and I have a great evening together.  We play his electronic basketball game, Concentration with his Old Maid cards (he slaughters me; I get only one match), Superman, flopping on the bed with our capes on.  We stay up late to watch Green Acres and Mr. Ed on Nick at Nite.

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