Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 1992

Bombed this weekend in 1223 theaters

For the first weekend in months, JoAnna doesn't have to campaign.  Somehow, though, the day can't measure up to my high expectations.  The weather is the biggest culprit.  We had planned to attend the Muskies home opener, but not when the sky is overcast and the temperature struggles to reach 40.  We decide to go shopping, first stopping at the credit union to deposit my Nuts and Bolts check and then at Larry and Martha's to attempt to formulate some plans for the evening.  We stay for a half hour, leave after making very tentative plans for dinner at our place.  On the drive to West Towne, we take a brief detour to look at the house Larry and Martha just bought.  Andy and JoAnna are hungry so lunch precedes shopping.  We consider burgers at the Village Green, but that's too far out of our way.  We settle for Upstairs Downstairs Deli.  I order a reuben and am served a very soggy, tasteless creation.  Andy's a bit hyper and spills so much ketchup on the front of his sweats we decide to go home after we eat.  He pleads with Mom to go shopping with her and promises to be good.  JoAnna relents.  Later in the afternoon, I take the boys grocery shopping.  Larry and Martha (with Michel in tow) and Barb and Chuck join us for dinner, Michael's frozen custard, and games.

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