Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14, 1992

Part 2 of my Reference Interview ETN goes well, but I don't get the class participation I was expecting.  After last week's burst of enthusiasm, most of the students I call on are not prepared to participate in the discussion of the homework assignment.  I walk away not disappointed with my presentation, but, again, really questioning the effectiveness of the ETN format.

I linger through lunch at home, not in any hurry yet to get to the library.  My only busy moments are when I continue to work on Christine's evaluation.  A long board meeting includes my performance evaluation, which is superlative.  I stay late to write up the minutes but leave at 10 before I finish the task.  Everyone's asleep when I get home.  I carry Andy to his bed, then catch the baseball scores before dousing the lights.  I'm happy to learn that the Yankees lost their first game of the season.

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