Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania: Mt. Pleasant House on the Left (Postcard Series)

History of Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania.    After the Civil War the Poconos became a vacation destination for many New Yorkers and Philadelphians. In 1886 the Mount Pocono Railway Station was built. The railroads brought thousands of tourists to the Delaware Water Gap and Mount Pocono. The hot summers in New York and Philadelphia were stifling. Tourists could travel by rail from New York to Mount Pocono in a little over four hours. City dwellers loved the cool summers in the Pocono Mountains. Families would come to the Poconos for the entire summer, while husbands commuted back and forth on weekends. 

Huge resorts were built, The Kittatinny and The Water Gap House were built in the Delaware Water Gap and The Montanesca Hotel and The Mount Pleasant House were built in Mount Pocono. The Resorts were grand in style and had the latest technology . . . . like pure mountain spring water, long distance phone service, elevators, steam heat and electricity, a rarity for its time.

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