Friday, October 11, 2013

On This Date in 1998

And it was. A Subway kind of evening, that is. For the boys, anyway. Around 7:30, I called JoAnna at her office to get an indication of when she’d be home. She was just about ready to leave, actually, and asked if I could pick up a couple entrees at Grand China, a take-out restaurant just three doors from Subway, while the boys ordered their subs. If this family is any indication, no wonder the Madison area is such a mecca for restaurants.

The boys camped out in the family room. Being the wonderful big brother that he is, Andy allowed Eddie to be part of the group. JoAnna and I adjourned to our bedroom and watched the Badger football game, which was broadcast locally even though it was being played at home. Exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking game. Wisconsin looked unbeatable in the st quarter, taking a 14-3 lead, then the game took a 180-degree turn as the Boilermakers scored one touchdown and two field goals and knotted the score at 17-17 at the half. The third quarter looked like a continuation of the 2nd, with Purdue moving the ball effortlessly. Fortunately, turnovers prevented them from scoring. Then late in the quarter the Badger offense fired up after the defense intercepted a pass and returned it 50 yards for a touchdown, Wisconsin taking the lead for good. The Badgers are off to their best start (6-0) since 1993, when they last went to the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin does not play Ohio State this y ear, which would probably have been the showdown game of the Big Ten season.

Another gorgeous day today. JoAnna convinced all of us, Matt included, to attend 9 o’clock mass. (His family belongs to St. Bernard’s parish.) Andy, Matt, and Meaghan played together all afternoon, mostly at Meaghan’s house. With Dad as his chaperone, Eddie spent an hour rollerblading up and down a section of Elmwood Avenue, soliciting popcorn orders for a Cub Scouts fundraiser. The goal for each scout is $63 and he exceeded that by $27, and that’s before he’s made visits to the library and to JoAnna’s office. Eddie is a member of troop 340, which includes 6 other second-graders from Elm Lawn school. He was a Tiger Cub last year and really enjoyed the experience.

Once Eddie and I returned home, he watched TV but I tackled a more ambitious agenda. I continued to clean the mildew off the exterior of the house. I mowed the front lawn, a chore I thought I’d be done with for the year, but the unseasonably warm weather keeps the grass growing as if it’s mid-June. Most of the leaves are still on the trees and green, an unbelievable scenario for this time of year.

JoAnna worked almost 8 hours today. She returned home in time for a spaghetti dinner, which included salad (the already chopped up and bagged variety) and garlic sticks (the Pillsbury variety). The sauce was courtesy of Paul Newman, but I actually boiled water to cook the pasta. 

Everyone else is in bed right now. (It’s 9:20, and a few minutes ago I turned off the mute when I noticed that Atlanta’s bats had finally come alive.) The boys, of course, should be in bed, but JoAnna complained of having a stomach ache (is that a bad review of the meal I fixed?) and a general rundown feeling. I’m sure I’d feel the same way too if I hadn’t taken a real day off in more than three weeks. I’m glad the election is less than a month away.

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