Thursday, October 31, 2013

On This Date in 1998

Happy Halloween. The boys and I just returned home after nearly an hour and a half of canvassing the neighborhood for trick-or-treat goodies. There is now an extra-large Tupperware bowl filled with candy – as many as 200 fun-size bars and other assorted packaged sweets – sitting atop the refrigerator. The boys found only nine items they didn’t like: 2 Mounds bars, 4 Almond Joys, 3 Baby Ruths, candy bars that both JoAnna and I gladly accepted.

The Middleton High School football team has made it to the second round of the playoffs. Tonight they are playing Wisconsin Rapids at home. We were about to leave the house shortly before the 7 o’clock game time until the phone rang. More than a half hour later, JoAnna is still on the phone. Different caller, same conversation. From my eavesdropping, it sounds as if the get-out-the-vote effort in Manitowoc is not going well. Some people aren’t sharing information as to who is being called and what wards have been assigned poll watchers on election day. Manitowoc is a critical area for one of the state senate races.

As a result of this news, JoAnna has decided to spend Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday in Manitowoc to provide some hands-on coordination. She has the advantage of not being seen as an outsider. Two Rivers is located just north of Manitowoc on Lake Michigan. Earlier in the week, she had mentioned the possibility of having to make this trip, so this change of plans came as no big surprise. JoAnna will stay with Cindy while she is there.

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