Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Shopping

“I’d like to go to Penney’s sometime today,” JoAnna requested during our patio breakfast at the C’s Restaurant. “I need to get a suit. None of the one I have fit me anymore.”

Now that she’s lost 22 pounds – and still counting – I’m not surprised. (But I’m left to guess her current weight, as she won’t reveal what she weighed at the start of her diet.)

“Eddie has a few things he’d like to buy,” I noted. “He’ll probably want to come along.”

And he did, though with much less enthusiasm than usual.

As the two of us ascended the escalator to the men’s department on Penney’s second floor, we were greeted with the sound of bass-heavy, repetitive, hip-hop-influenced music. We noticed an unusual number of people present for a summer Sunday, even by back-to-school standards. In addition, representatives from area business, including a clinic called No Fear Dentistry, had set up small information booths, and employees from Noodles, the restaurant chain, were giving away free samples of macaroni and cheese and other pasta dishes.

Upon closer inspection, I learned that the main event was going to be a fashion show.

But for what age? I wondered.

Most of the children milling around the center aisles looked to be of preschool age. I have a feeling that main attraction for the assembled crowd was the food, not the fashion.

I accompanied Eddie as he made his way to a remote area of the men’s department where the last of the summer merchandise was on display. And what a meager display it was.

“Are you going to follow me around the whole time?” he asked curtly, contemplating his next move.

I took the hint…and wandered off on my own. I noticed that this particular Penney’s store had recently expanded its “Big and Tall” section, which led me to ponder the question, “Is it due to the addition of more ‘big’ or more ‘tall’ merchandise?” Considering all of the news stories regarding America’s expanding waistline, I concluded ‘big’ is the correct answer.

Bored, I decided to rejoin JoAnna on the first floor women’s clothing wonderland, but as I rode the ‘down’ escalator, she was going ‘up’.

“I’ll be right there,” I called out as we waved to each other.

We found Eddie in a disconsolate mood.

“They don’t have anything here,” he complained.

Outside of socks and underwear, the only items he had selected for himself.

Plus the insistent music and crowded aisles created an atmosphere he wished to escape.

“I hate shopping for clothes,” he muttered as we walked back to the car.

So unlike his brother.

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