Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 1991

The final day to fret over next week's reference workshops.  Soon I'll be able to focus on regular library projects:  the long-range plan revisions, the weeding guidelines for Alice.  There's more, but why waste ink on it now.

JoAnna and I attend the Special Edition banquet on the Concourse, an occasion to roast Ody Fish.  JoAnna is so much in her element at these functions.  I struggle to make the simplest connection with people I don't know.    I need to loosen up, feel less self-conscious.  Part of the problem is my inability to follow the conversation of the group I'm mingling with.  With my height, I pick up a lot of surrounding noise.

Back home (by 10:30) we have some outrageously good sex.

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