Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 1991

I get up at 5:30. OK, it's closer to quarter of by the time I'm actually out of bed.  I treat myself to breakfast at the Original Pancake House and then wait for Kathleen's appearance at the parking lot next to the UW Student Union.  She's late so I go ahead and transfer the boxes to the room on my own.  She seems rather harried when she first appears.   Darlene introduces to a roomful of workshop participants -- 50, count 'em, 50 -- after making a pitch for continuing education certification, the master's degree program, and whatever else she can squeeze in.  Then I do my thing.  I feel very much at ease throughout the morning portion of the program.  During the lunch break, I walk up State Street with a much more noticeable bounce in my step  I feel as though I've done the best presentation possible.  I walk to the credit union to cash my mileage check for the May 2nd Merrill workshop, then pick up a sandwich and a bottle of tomato juice at Botticelli's before a visit to JoAnna's office.  Sally's there and offers the use of my wife's desk to eat lunch, which I gladly accept.  Barry and JoAnna return shortly after my arrival.

The afternoon session is not as satisfying.  Perhaps unloading the boxes and displaying the books face out on the table would have promoted a less jerky presentation.  The evaluations, though, are very positive:  20 excellent, 17 good, 3 average, 1 fair, and 0 poor.  I even consider incorporating a specific suggestion into Wednesday's La Crosse presentation.

I pick up Andy at daycare, drive to the library to drop off the seven boxes of books, and check on the progress of the parking lot project (na-da), and leave Andy alone long enough to make him think I've abandoned him again.  I catch up with him in the lobby and quickly comfort him.  He must have sprinted all the way from the children's area to the exit.  

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