Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 1991

The boys leave with Grandma and Ione at 9.  Andy looks so grown up sitting in the back seat.  I'd give anything, though, to read his mind.  JoAnna and I leave at 11, stopping by the credit union first so we can leave town with a fat wallet.  On Larry Martin's recommendation, we eat lunch at R.P.M.'s in Mount Horeb.  Flavorful 50s-60s decor, great burgers, and an out-of-this-world chocolate malt.  We spend a couple of hours doing a self-guided walking tour in Mineral Point, then continue driving the scenic back roads to Galena.  We arrive at Belle Aire shortly after 4, which gives us plenty of time to romp and take a nap before going out to dinner at Kingston Inn.  We are reliving our first honeymoon stop, folks, and I'm feeling as lusty as a newlywed.  Our dinners are superb and during dinner we are serenaded with a song especially for us on the occasion of our 5th anniversary.

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