Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 1991

Liz calls to inform me that Chris can't make it to work.  Can I be on call?  Fifteen minutes later, I am reassured by the news that Deb has agreed to fill in.  A couple hours later Liz calls a thud time to say that Deb isn't feeling well, but not to worry, it's a slow day and she and Maria can handle it.  Andy and I go to Menard's to buy some landscaping posts for my backyard project.  We run into Kathy (Weise) and Bill while we're there.  Then  while Andy is napping and Barb is watching Eddie, I make a trip to the Bruce Company.  I spend most of the afternoon setting the posts in place, using the mattock to loosen the earth and provide a level surface.  When JoAnna returns from the Capitol, she asks if I'd be willing to do the grocery shopping.  I lose my list along the way, but the only important thing I forget is the [illegible].  I also stop at KMart to buy some end tables for the patio.  Larry and Martha and, later, Chuck join us for a cookout.

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