Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 1991

At first Andy doesn't want to go to daycare.

"Do you think Barb will mind if he stays home?"  JoAnna asks me.

I mumble a response, not happy with Andy's morning attitude.  My preference is that he go to daycare, and with some persistence on JoAnna's and my part, he does.

Most of my time at the library is spent at a public service desk, but I am able to do some satisfying revisions of the long-range plan.  When I look at objective #1 of the Reference Library section, I discover that the work has already been done.  I lose steam during the latter part of the afternoon and spend the time playing with some DLS annual report figures.

Andy wants to eat at Burger King.  He won't be denied, and I figure, why not, a B. K. Broiler sounds good.   Once again, Andy has ants in his pants.  He can't stay in his chair.  And why should he?  We rarely sit down to eat as a family at home.

When we get back home, Barb and Eddie are in the kitchen.  I think Barb's annoyed that she had to feed the little guy.  Tough diddy-way-diddy remains unspoken.

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