Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28, 1991

Once again Sharon is checking out the job market.  She responded to an advertisement in Hotline for an opening in Arlington County, Virginia.  I begin to reconsider the approach to children's services at the Middleton Public Library.

Since tomorrow is a busy day, JoAnna decides to celebrate my birthday tonight.  She stops at Sentry to pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens, potato salad, and tater tots.  She also buys a peanut butter pie at Perkins.  I receive some nice presents:  a sweater from JoAnna, a blue chamois shirt from Andy (which turns out to be a size too small), and a coffee grinder from Barb.  Mom and Dad send me a hideous shirt and tie, though.  When they ask me how I like them, I halfheartedly respond, "Oh, they're nice."   I call them after supper since they had called yesterday as Andy and I were leaving for the grocery store.

TV is disappointing.  Murphy Brown is especially weak, Northern Exposure just plain dumb in its desperate efforts to be different.

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