Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 1991

The slow leak in the left rear tire of the Nissan has picked up the pace this week.  I found it deflated Wednesday afternoon and again today.  Both times I pump it back up to normal pressure and drive to where I need to be.  Today I have a WAPL spring conference planning meeting at the WLA office.  I'm not sure if we ever agreed on the them, but how does "Hug a Book, Spin a Disk" grab you?  It's the goofiest shit I've heard in weeks.

After the meeting I stop at the East Towne Mall location of Half Price Books.  No copy of Jackson Browne's first release there either.  I stop at Pasqual's for lunch and savor every mouthful of a chicken burrito.  Before returning to the library, I drop the car off at Fred's Standard for what turns out to be a very minor repair.  The cost:  $6.33.

Andy and I do the grocery shopping after supper.  When we leave the store, it looks as though a blizzard is brewing, but by morning we end up with only a dusting.

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