Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17, 1991

At Andy's request, I sleep on JoAnna's side of the bed, but he still sprawls all over the place.  Barb goes shopping in the a.m.  Getting her out of the house is a relief, as well as a preview of what life will be like in less than a month.   I take the boys out during part of a rainy afternoon.  We check out the new Best Buy store at West Towne where I buy another cassette storage rack.  At KMart we shop for household odds and ends. 

The main course for supper is an overseasoned meat loaf.  Way too much pepper.  The recipe wasn't real clear:  1/4 c. pepper, finely chopped.  Green pepper?  White pepper?  Red pepper? 

Eddie is a mess; he goes straight from the high chair to the bathtub.  Barb figures she's doing me a big favor by cleaning up the kitchen and even attempts to fish for a compliment.  I'm fit to be tied; it's a good thing  I'm feeding Eddie a bottle.  So Barb, I rage to myself, how about a thank for dinner (even though the meat loaf was ruined)?

By the time I need to leave to pick up JoAnna at the airport, Andy's much too wound up for bed, so I take him along.  We have some extra time, which is why I take the Beltline instead of County M.  JoAnna is thrilled to see Andy, and I'm pleased to have my wife back home.  Once we're in bed, we make wonderful love.

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