Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 1991

Household chores and keeping an eye on the boys takes up most of my morning.  I record some music off vinyl but later discover that the left speaker is not working.  It works then the radio is on, but that's all.  I check the dart tape, some of which was recorded as recently as a week ago and hear stereo.  The last time this happened the full sound came back on its own.

During the afternoon, I take the boys out to run a few errands.  Barb's not feeling well, but I wouldn't have invited her along anyway.  We stop at Going Places Book and Map Store in Shorewood where I purchase some wall maps.  Having promised Andy ice cream, I then drive to West Towne, where parking is at a premium.  The food court is mobbed but luckily we find a table right away.  Andy wants to visit Seats to romp around on a piece of kid furniture set up there.  I pretend to shop.  Walking back and forth along the mall promenade, I don't mind the crowd.  Dad is proud to be seen with two such handsome boys.

Back home I put Eddie to put and think about raking leaves.  I sweep the leaves on the patio into a big pile and then transfer them by the snow-shovelful to the compost pile.  Otherwise I don't make much of a dent.

Barb is too sick to eat a meal so I don't worry about a sit-down supper.  I fix a meat loaf, putting into the fridge, uncooked, and then I prepare chicken wings, using the Bisquick coating.

By the time Andy and I go to bed, my desk is still a mess.  I've had to time to myself today, no time to be studious or contemplative or not plugged into my surroundings.

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