Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18, 1991

I print out the newspaper column before driving to campus.  I make my usual appearance as reference expert on Darlene's A-50 ETN.  From there I drive to the WLA office, which is locked and darkened when I arrive.  Just as I'm getting into a recent issue of the New York Times Book Review, Larry rushes up the stairs, apologizing profusely for leaving me stranded -- sort of.  I join the rest of the Finance Committee at the Phoenix Gardens.  Having grabbed a McDonald's drive-thru meal on the way out, I skip ordering a second meal.  During the afternoon portion of the meeting, I occasionally wonder why I agreed to run for a major office and get myself involved in all these additional committees.  Oh well, I'll just have to crank it up once the new year starts.

I spend the last two hours of the workday at the info desk, and what a zoo the library is.  Middleton students have swarmed the library to finish an animal lore assignment due tomorrow.

The most strenuous I engage in during the evening is to put in place a couple of wall maps in the family room.

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