Thursday, December 6, 2012

Friday, December 6, 1991

This year's Leadership Conference is held at the Howard Johnson's on the east side.  I can think of many better ways to spend five hours, but I easily survive this obligation.  I rush back to Middleton in time for the final hour and a half of library time.   Things are very quiet, except for the basement, where the Red Cross is holding its blood drive.  After a round trip to pick up Andy and bring him home, I find JoAnna at the Inn on the Park, with a host of Capitol extras!  I endure a wide-ranging discussion of politics until 8 o'clock, when the two of us finally begin our evening together.  We enjoy a fabulous meal at the new art-deco Crandall's the romp like sex-starved bunnies as soon as we get home.  No protection means a glistening smooth ride.

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