Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thursday, December 5, 1991

I wake up before daylight with a crunching headache, the worst I've have experienced in awhile.  I attempt to sink my body into the bed, my face into the pillow, hoping that I can somehow crawl out from under this unwanted pain.  I can't seem to escape it, though the intensity has lessened by the time I get out of bed.

Again I drive Andy to daycare, and with time to spare before my next engagements, enjoy a hearty breakfast at Cleveland Lunch.  The Board meeting is over by noon, but I stay for lunch since I've already paid my $8.  I make an appearance at the library and then spend the rest of the afternoon preparing a special dinner in celebration of JoAnna's birthday.  She loves her gifts, squeals with delight repeatedly as she pages through the calendar.  Unfortunately, I am unable to spend the entire evening with  her.  With Sharon out sick, I have to return to the library from 7:45 to closing.

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