Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday, December 3, 1991

After a brief stop at the library, I drive to the system office to attend a very routine and comparatively brief Advisory Committee meeting.  (I just automatically start writing in the present tense.  So much for a change of pace.)

On the drive back to Middleton, I groove on a collection of 80s tunes that I recorded onto one tape and stop at Hilldale to buy JoAnna a special birthday present, a pearl-drop earring and necklace set at Marshall Fields.  At Moseley's, I buy a blank book for myself, into which I hope to start recording some meandering thoughts about my life.  Soon.  But not this week, I suspect.

I attend the council meeting that evening, and the budget passes without further change.  Julie Brunnette addresses the issue of reimbursement for nonresident use, which I amplify during the reports from city officials.  Sandy Allen is assigned to the library board.  The good news is that her mom is a big library supporter.

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