Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monday, March 2, 1992

Dad's first day of kindergarten
Whiitier School, Great Falls, Montana

From the level of nervousness I was trying to suppress, one would have thought it was my first day at a new preschool.  I'm not really that concerned about Andy's adjustment; after all, we've been talking about this adjustment for the past few weeks.  At first, he's a little hesitant about exploring the room, but Teresa, one of his morning teachers, introduces him to the boys and girls already present.  A number of the children walk up to Andy and talk to him.

When Liz arrives at the library, she marvels, "What a well-adjusted child."

I expected to see some tears this morning, but he was playing with the kids as though he's been there for weeks.  I'm so proud.  I think back to when I was a preschooler in Montana, when I looked forward to change as a new adventure.  Starting kindergarten was an eagerly anticipated event for me and I adjusted effortlessly.  It was simply the next logical thing to do in my young life.

My work day is interrupted twice.  The first time JoAnna calls to ask if I'll bring a fresh change of clothes to Eddie's daycare.  He's had two very messy bowel movements this morning.  A third one will mean time to go home.  Jill calls me at 11:45 with that news, so I get to spend the afternoon at home.  Eddie still can't walk; his right ankle is still tender, so I basically plop him down and don't worry about him getting into mischief.  Actually, we play on the bed and then he naps for most of the afternoon.  I spend my time on the computer.

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