Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday, February 28, 1992

After experiencing a most productive week, I decide to treat myself to a day off.  things get off to a less than stellar start when I discover that JoAnna didn't leave the key to the van.  I start steamin'.  Andy quickly picks up on my frustration and starts some bellowing of his own.  This monkey-see/monkey-do action forces me to put a lid on my emotions.

So Eddie experiences a first today:  his first bus ride.  I get the boys to Kids Play at 9, then walk to the Joint Finance hearing room in the Capitol to greet my wife.  She's sufficiently humbled.  I walk to the ramp and drive to Original Pancake House for a leisurely breakfast.  I order my favorite, the corned beef hash.  I pick up my paycheck and then to Kids Play for Andy's pizza party.  He's so happy to see me.  There's even an empty chair waiting for me right next to him.  Eddie is besieged the entire time he's in Andy's room.  This is their last day together.  Monday they'll start at different daycares.

After my visit, I walk to the credit union to cash my check and then to the Square to visit Shakespeare's Bookstore.  I find nothing to buy, no architecture books, no highway books.

Back home, I continue to type calendar notes.  JoAnna calls at 3:30; she won't have to work late. Martha hitches a ride home with us.  The Nelsons decide that Irish Waters' parking lot is too fill so we settle for Pizza Hut delivery.

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