Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday, February 15, 1992

Yesterday I started out by saying how difficult Andy was.  I should have started with my first moment of consciousness, hearing Eddie's voice drift through the monitor.  JoAnna and I walk to the boys' bedroom and greet our two precious guys with an avalanche of love.  Before getting the morning into gear, the four of us snuggle on the love seat in the living room.  Love and kisses. Family hugs and kisses.

OK, so this morning's not as Norman Rockwellish, but again it's Eddie's voice that rouses us.  I retrieve the little guy for some 2-on-1 affection.  Andy sleeps in.  I suppose I shouldn't even think this, but sometimes Eddie seems to special, so destined for previously unattainable heights.  Then I look at Andy and see a unique little man.  And of course, we're the only parents that have to deal with these mindbends.  Maybe during the last millisecond.

JoAnna's fundraiser = new babysitter.  Both JoAnna and I are impressed with Kelly (last name Kramer).  She is so assured, so self-confident.  We have no worries, and I wish I had asked her to stay until 9 or 10.  That would have given us an opportunity to go out with Larry and Martha.  But now I'm ahead of myself.  JoAnna's fundraiser at Steve Koslov and Mary Fulton's house is a big success.  JoAnna gets down during the morning.  We wake up to a 6" carpet of snow on the ground -- guess who shovels -- and around the noon hour her folks call to say they won't be making the trip to Middleton.  That brings her down bigtime.

"No one's going to be there," she bewails.

"Nonsense," I say.

Perhaps the best indicator in this argument is the appearance of the allegedly unsociable couple John and Sue Westbury.

I'm so proud of my wife.  We've gone to many fundraiser together and therefore I know the agenda.  When it comes time for her to give her speech, I'm standing on the sidelines willing to be no more than an observer, Mary Fulton tells me to stand by my woman.  And I do, and I'm bursting with pride to do so.  Dorothy Shannon gives a warm, extremely heartfelt introduction.  I practically have to blink back the tears.

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